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2nd Annual Colin Michael Cronin Golf Tournament a huge success!

2nd Annual Colin Michael Cronin Golf Tournament a huge success!

September 7, 2020

The warmest and sincerest thank you to everyone who helped make the 2nd Annual Colin Michael Cronin Golf Tournament a huge success! Although fund raising is the main purpose of this gathering so that we can keep the scholarships going, the most important part for the Cronin family is seeing everyone and getting to spend time together. We had beautiful weather and a great day – 186 golfers, dozen of volunteers that helped us through the last 2 days, so many wonderful gift donations for our raffle prizes and auctions and so many generous direct donations! Sadly, no one won the Cadillac year 2, but maybe year 3 will be the lucky one! The auction closed last night and looks like everyone got a great deal! We pulled raffle tickets this morning – Connecticut College guys helped pick the winning tickets. Contacting winners as we can, but will post all tomorrow.

I never believed in “signs” before, but I so do now. On Wed was talking to Colin while changing sheets in his room for guests and I said “Hey Col – a big day for you tomorrow and. I’m sure you know how many people are showing up because of the love they have for you and us. You need to show me signs that you’re with us. HAWKS and FEATHERS.”

The morning started at 5am so I went home to let the dog out and prep things for an after gathering for Colin’s friends. Drove back to the golf course and “Colder Weather” by Zac Brown Band came on which is a song that we associate with Colin and it got me crying. Later, I was talking to some of Mike’s HS buddies who told me they saw 3 hawks at different holes. Conn College lacrosse parents said the same thing. And then one of Colin’s friends came up to me and said he had something to show me and took me out to the golf cart. A red HAWK FEATHER! He picked it up on a whim, not knowing our signs, but said that when Tim Lauwers saw it, he said, “You have to show it to Julie”. We are sure Colin loved the gathering in his honor and was drinking a Bud Light every time you cracked a can. It’s so hard to put into words how important you are to us. Always know that our door is open and we love to talk about Colin! More tomorrow! So much love from the Cronins!


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