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Just keeping you posted

Just keeping you posted

September 7, 2020

Tonight is North Andover High School’s 1st (and hopefully last ever) Virtual Scholarship Knight. It is the second year of having the honor of presenting the Colin Michael Cronin scholarships to graduating North Andover student athletes. It was a much different experience than last year’s presentation in person, but very cool to be able to have a recording of the announcement to share on this page. The entire NAHS Scholarship Knight is being broadcasted on NA CAM TV tonight but our prerecorded video was shown first, so I am happy to be able to share this right away. We thank you all for your continued support in our effort to make this an ongoing commitment to our community – it means so much to us and without you we would not be able to do this!Congratulations to all the recipients! (Ignore the background noise of dinner activities.)


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